Monday, April 23, 2007

Day at the Zoo!

Sunday we spent the day at the Toronto Zoo! It was super fun! We were only able to make it through one section, but it was still totally worth it. We got to explore the african savannah, and saw so many great animals. I cant wait to go back and explore the other different areas! Emmett LOVED his day at the zoo. His favorite part was the zoomobile. He couldn't decide whether it was a train or a bus. I guess it was a bit of both!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Easter Fun!

Well Im not sure if anyone is still reading my little blog, but I like keeping it going anyways!

We had a nice relaxed easter this year. Our first one in our new house! We didnt color eggs this year because Emmett's still a bit young so we opted for using stickers on the plastic ones. He had a great time doing it! This little one is sticker crazy!!

We're finally getting settled into the house, yet it still seems like every day I still find something that needs to be set up or unpacked!! When will it end! Since we moved from an apartment to a house, I find it feels a bit empty. Slowly we are making it into our own. I just cant wait till it feels like Home! I'll post some pictures soon, once its "finished".

Since we've moved down here Ive also started back to College. Im SOOOO excited about this. Im taking photography, and I LOVE it. Im hoping to go back and take Graphic design as well, possibly next year! My first assignment is to use 30 pictures to show someone about my life! Its going to be a lot of fun I think! I'll post the pics here on my blog when Im finished. This assignment is to see where we are starting with our photography, so it wont be marked. Its nice to have no pressure for our first project!

So lots of things have changed, but it is all for the better.

Here are some pics of Emmett this easter!!

My little blog.........I miss you!!

Its been SOOOO Long since Ive had a chance to post anything. Moving really took its toll on our little family!! We're still so tired and are trying to adjust!

But we're getting settled, so Im going to start blogging again!!! I'll post more later!!
I have a million things to do first!!