Thursday, August 17, 2006


Lately I have been feeling so uninspired!! I just dont know what it is! I have so many wedding photos to scrap but I just dont feel like it!

I really hope that I find some inspiration soon!

I have also been wanting to do some fixing up around the house, but just cant bring myself to do it. I really dont know what is going on with me. :(

Sorry this is such a downer blog. I will post again when Im out of this rut!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

wedding Photos!!!

Just a few of my favorite wedding pictures!

Well one wedding down, one more to go. I really thought things would slow down after the first wedding.........nope. So much stuff was neglected around the house while we were getting ready for the wedding that it is a total disaster!! Ive been working all week organizing and purging things we dont really need. I didnt realize that it would be such a big job, but I think Im in for another week or so at least!! Then we have to get ready for the second wedding!!! Man am I ready for things to slow down and get back to normal. Im getting excited though because it looks like we will be in Mexico for my birthday!!! Cant wait for that!

October is going to be such a great month! Absolutely nothing going on. Life will finally be more relaxed.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My first Blog!!

Im actually pretty excited about having a blog! Usually Im pretty shy about these things......talking about the boring little details of my life. But I've decided to give it a shot!!