Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'm still here!

Im still here! I havent abandoned my blog. Just been having ridiculous computer troubles lately. For awhile our home computer, hubbys shop computer, and his laptop were all down. Luckily he has a friend who can repair them for us :) But now they are all fixed and Im back!!

Its actually been a bit refreshing to have a little break from online life. Ive been poking my head online once and awhile from the laptop, but not nearly as much as I used to. Ive even been scrapbooking less :( Not sure if thats a good thing. But I must say that its been nice to be more "present" in my life, rather than being behind a camera or typing away at a keyboard. Just spending time with the family and getting ready for christmas. I love this season!!

We've had our tree up since the beginning of november. I was impatient. Its actually kind of funny because this year I decided that I wanted all the ornaments on the tree to coordinate. So I went out and completely outfitted the tree in Coppers, and browns, and greens.The new color scheme lasted about two weeks. I missed all of our regular holiday ornaments and completely redecorated the tree!I like it a lot better now. I learned my lesson though.

I love our tree this year, we still need to get some more ornaments because we got a larger tree, but so far Ive gotten a few. I love the Bob the builder ornament that I got for Emmett. He loves this guy!! He knows how to say "bob" and thats all I hear all day!! Ive watched the video that he has so many times that I think I could recite it. So I think he will get a new one for Christmas.