Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wild Thing!

Last night we were trying on Emmett's halloween costume, and I managed to get these hilarious pictures. The second I put on the mane (he's dressing up as a lion) He started growling and pouncing on me. I could barely get the picture! It was so funny!

Friday, September 08, 2006

slowing down......

Well this has been one crazy summer!! Two weddings! Im beginning to think that we were nuts! At least now things are going to start to slow down. My plan for right now is to go back to school in January, but Im starting to question whether I am ready or not. At the same time I am feeling tired of being home. So I'm not really sure which is the right decision.

I have been trying to find as much time to create as I can, but there just seems to be a million things to get in the way. At least I've gotten a couple of layouts done and I'm fairly happy with them. The first one meant a lot to me! It felt really great to get some of the feelings I've had over the last couple of years down on paper. Very theraputic!

I am so exicted about my new camera!! I just bought a Nikon D50, after months of agonizing over which camera to buy I finally made the decision and think that it will be just right for me. Now Im just waiting for it to come in since they were sold out. I am SOOOOO impatient! Im going crazy. I just want to play around with it!